When a traffic regulator in London refuses to issue a new license to Uber’s rival Ola

When a traffic regulator in London refuses to issue a new license to Uber's rival Ola

Ola will lose the right to train in London. After nearly eight months of service in the British capital, the Indian taxi platform has refused to renew its license. The Transport for London (DFL), which is responsible for transportation in London, cited the public safety ban as the reason.

If the DFL is to be believed, Ola is said to have worked with unlicensed drivers since its launch in London in February. The drivers in question made more than 1,000 trips, endangering the safety of passengers. The carpooling company openly declared these violations. However, she did not do so in a timely manner. Ola should have informed the traffic regulator in London as soon as the defects were discovered.

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The DFL formalized by publishing its decision A statement Last Sunday’s press release.

Ola D.F.L.

Dissatisfied with the decision of the DFL, Ola wants to appeal. Carpooling Company “There are 21 days to do so”. However, the rental vehicle operator can continue to provide its transportation services to the British.

In a statement, Mark Rosenthal, managing director of Ola UK, said efforts were being made to resolve the issue “Issues raised openly and transparently”. Whatever happens, Rosenthal firmly believes that Ola can “To ensure safe and reliable movement to London”. Henceforth, it is timely as DFL will not be leaving India with a single company.

In a statement issued on October 4, 2020, Helen Chapman, Director of Licensing, Regulation and Pricing at DFL, said, “We will closely monitor the company to ensure that passenger safety is not compromised.”

Ober’s rival, Uber, is back in London

Uber went through the same story. Last year, the DFL also suspended the license of big rival Ola for security reasons. The investigation has shown that Uber’s system is defective.

Unauthorized drivers can take passengers by uploading their photos to their colleagues’ accounts.

After appealing the decision, Uber was granted a new license last Monday, allowing it to operate in London again for 18 months.

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