Understand everything about American football in a chart

Understand everything about American football in a chart

“American football is eleven against eleven games. In the end, the Americans will win.”, You might say that Gary Linker is retorting. For good reason, the sport n ° 1 in the United States, the NFL (National Football League, the professional league of discipline) during the Super Bowl each year, is known throughout the Atlantic, which is exclusively American. For a European who is not bottle-fed by touchdowns and other excuses, it is difficult to comprehend the excitement for a game that, if it attracts the crowd, has a set of complex rules.

A distant relative of rugby, but American football by the name of football is very confusing. Created in XIXe Founded by the major universities of the century and the east coast of the United States, football is similar to rugby, a game played primarily by hand and consists of carrying an oval ball to the opposite target. It is not for the foot like European football, but owes to the dimensions of the ball (exactly one foot long). If the shocks in this winning game are numerous and interesting, the interactions are very restrictive: for example, there is no question of dealing with a player without a ball.

If it involves a myriad of rules to the delight of technicians and statisticians, American football can be understood by focusing on its basic rules. It’s not a complicated thing to draw a complete panorama, but to give American football to those who do not know everything.

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