Check out the excellent comedy “If You See My Mom” at the Jewish Film Festival

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At the Jewish Film Festival

January 19 to February 1 First French Jewish Film Festival It takes place online and allows you to preview multiple images, but also allows you to capture this hilarious comedy of Nathanael Quetz, which aired on Arteday last year. Screenings on January 28th and 29th!

Max (Felix Moyati) is an ophthalmologist, surrounded by his two sisters and completely inseparable from his mother (Nomi Lovowski). They celebrate their birthdays together at the generous restaurant they run. One night, when she was planning to go to Japan, Nomi’s life suddenly left her. One of his sisters is expecting a baby from an unknown dad, while the other picks up the restaurant, and Max constantly looks at his mother and begins to live with her, more than ever, in her place or in his place. In these circumstances it is not easy to start a real love affair with her cabinet colleague Ohiana, shrink, solid and wild (Sarah Grado)

Very well written, you see my mother carving the image of the Jewish mother in gold. Delicious, wonderful Nomi Lovowski radiation. It’s strong, it’s fun, it’s embarrassing, it’s moving, and it’s sticking together that we are completely caught up in the grief of this Jewish family and filled with life. A film is broadcast live ”on Art andn April 2020, but it went through the Toronto Jewish Film Festival and you can see it at the Jewish Film Festival opening online this week with the FSJU. Dates: January 28 and 29.

For a Jewish film festival, the policy is to buy a pass for the festival or a ticket to the film within 48 hours. Information and records, Here.

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If you look at my mom Written by Nathaniel Quetz, Felix Modi, Nomi Lovowski, Sarah Grado, Gilles Cohen, Eugene Derovand, Geraldine Martino, Stephen, Rafael Gunard, 1h40, 2020.

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