Biden finalizes his diplomatic mission to “fix” US foreign policy

Biden finalise son équipe diplomatique, pour "réparer" la politique étrangère américaine

This includes many alumni of the Obama era, with a significant desire to break Donald Trump’s one-sidedness and “fix” US foreign policy. The future head of state announced at the end of November that he had selected another former member of the Obama administration, Anthony Blingen, as the next Secretary of State.

Wendy Sherman, 71, who was already a diplomatic adviser under Bill Clinton before becoming Secretary of State for Political Affairs during Barack Obama’s second term, will be at the forefront of U.S. diplomacy.

Future Assistant Secretary of State Ms. Sherman was one of the US monarchs on the Iranian nuclear deal and served on the North Korean issue in the Clinton administration.

Another post announced on Saturday is that of Assistant Secretary of State for Management and Resources, Operations Manager of U.S. Diplomacy.

Brian McCain, a close friend of Joe Biden, advised long before he was senator, before holding various positions in government during Barack Obama’s two terms.

In a statement, along with Anthony Blingen, the team said in a statement that it intends to “fix” US foreign policy, adding that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’ alternative committee “should reconsider”.

As he did when the name of Anthony Blingen was announced, he wants to mark a break with the nationalist and one-sided foreign policy of future President Donald Trump, to reconnect with the firm multilateral line.

The new faces of US diplomacy “embody my deep belief that the United States will be stronger when it cooperates with its allies,” Joe Biden said in the statement.

The future president wants to “restore the moral and world leadership” of the United States with the support of these allies. “America is back,” he said briefly.

On Saturday, Joe Biden officially appointed three Undersecretary of State and three women to serve in Barack Obama’s government.

The appointment of each of these persons is subject to a vote of the Senate.

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