Vogue reveals the reason Horton was not sent to the Sixers

Vogue reveals the reason Horton was not sent to the Sixers

Having helped the Sixers for a long time, James Horton finally landed on Brooklyn’s side. Why did the deal fail in Philadelphia? There is only one answer: only one And the distinctive Adrian Wozniacki.

Philadelphia has long been a favorite to host James Horton In Pennsylvania, it establishes itself as the most reliable route even on the last cables. Eventually, the transfer would not have taken place, and the 2018 MVP joins his former team Kevin Torrent And Kyrie Irving In the Nets, in a historical blockbuster trade.

What were the reasons Houston was more favorable to Brooklyn than Philadelphia? Adrian Wozniacki Explains details of negotiations between the Sixers and the Rockets and the role of owner Tillman Fertitta

The main reason, according to Wojciech, was that the Rockets owner was reluctant to send Horton to Philadelphia, where he already had his former GM. Daryl took Morey away. Ferditta doesn’t want to risk seeing Mori greet the bearded man, they both shine together in Billy. This would have inevitably sent bad news to the entrepreneur and would have been unbearable.

For this reason, the latter in managing the Sixers demanded to be forced to pay more coins: Ben Simmons, Mattis Thibulle, Tyres Maxi and many other insecure draft rounds James Horton’s exchange, Houston’s requested collection here. Apparently, Billy denies it.

One way to raise stock and put pressure on Brooklyn is to try and win – Here we remind you of the details of the contract. After a long period of several weeks, Horton’s relocation will completely shake up the configuration of many teams.

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Caves reunites with Darian Prince and Jared Allen, welcomes Indiana Garris Levert, and sees Victor Oladibo land in Houston Texas with Rodion Crookes and Dante Exum. So, the Sixers will be retaining their Simons-Joel Empiat And develop their young players.

Behind the scenes very complex soap opera and long negotiations between Houston and Brooklyn to manage the arrival of the bearded man. Philadelphia had to make an important choice not to sell its future.

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