What makes the professional residencies different from individual property developers?

When a person is moving ahead to purchase the properties, multiple questions are there that trouble them a lot. At that moment, they look forward to the answers. If they are approaching individual property developers, they will not be able to get all the answers. But when they are approaching professional Residencies like Amber Park freehold, they will be able to get clear answers.

If you feel like there is no difference between both of them, just go through this article till the last and get your answers. Here we will be going to focus on certain factors that will help you in understanding the differences easily.

Difference between individual property developers and professional residencies:-

Floor plan:

The individual property developers have a limited mindset, and they cannot think beyond the Expectations. They have made up their mind that this is the particular design for floor plan they want to move ahead. They will not be going to focus on the things you are presenting ahead to them. But the professional residencies are having the best plans for the individual. You can have a look at Amber Park floor plan and get an idea about it. They will help you in understanding about the things which will be there and beyond your expectations. They will cater to all your needs for the best plan.


Pricing will be different in both of the aspects. The individual property developers come up with different prices according to the customer. But the professional residencies have a particular price for the property. For example, the Amber park price list is the same for all the individuals out there, and there will be no need for you to engage in any complication considering the pricing.

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Balance units:

Having a look at balance units the individual property developers will help you to get an idea about the space they are available with, and they will not suggest you if in future they have the opportunity. But the professional residencies have a clear idea about it. You can ask them anytime about the balance units. The Amber Park balance units will help you to get an idea of whether you will be able to get the residence in that particular location or not.


Transparency is really very important. The individual property developer may sound to be transparent with you, but at the time of paperwork, some troubles may arise. But with professional Residencies, the answer for every query is there, and things will be quite transparent to you. There will be no need for you to worry about anything at all because professionals will be going to tackle all the problems that may arise.

Closing words:

Let’s just mark the end of this article and reach the conclusion that approaching professional residencies will be beneficial for the individual as compared to individual residences. We suggest you search for the best ones out there so that you can get a clear report about the property you want to purchase.

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