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London plans to ban the import of products related to forced Uyghur labor

Condemning Beijing’s “barbarism” to the Uyghurs, the UK on Tuesday unveiled measures to prevent goods linked to the forced labor of these Muslim minorities in the Xinjiang region from reaching UK consumers. A little more between London and Beijing to the question of Uighur minorities. British Foreign Secretary Dominic Robb announced on Tuesday (January 12) that the United Kingdom would tighten its trade routes to prevent imports of goods from Xinjiang. During a speech to parliament, President Diplomacy said there was “heartbreaking” evidence of the use of forced labor to target the Uyghur Muslim minority in Xinjiang. Dominic Robb declared before British delegates, “Arbitrary detention, political re-education, forced labor, torture and forced fertilization” on an industrial scale in Uyghurs. >> See France 24: Uyghurs affected by birth control in China, among them The United Nations estimates that at least 1 million members of other minorities are being held in detention camps. “We need to do more, we will do more,” Rob was quoted as saying in support of female contraception. “Xinjiang in the international supply chain network The position is that companies and public organizations around the world, whether or not they carelessly, receive evidence from suppliers who are complicit in the use of labor. Forced “. >> France 24: Uyghurs, see and read the power of the camps” These actions will ensure that any British organization, whether public or private, benefits or contributes, intentionally or inadvertently to human rights violations targeting Uyghurs or other minorities in Xinjiang, “he said. Companies will be ordered, which will not be able to prove that their products are not linked to forced labor in Xinjiang, a major region of northwest China, a major supplier of cotton to the world for which fines will be levied. And exports to prevent companies from “directly or indirectly” contributing to human rights abuses in the region bordering Pakistan. And controlled, he continued. According to the Chinese ambassador to the UN, “purely political attack”, the UN on Tuesday said. At the UN, Zhang Jun called on the UK to “stop interfering in China’s internal affairs.” The UK envoy departed from the topic of today’s discussion, saying, “We have launched an unsubstantiated attack on China, which we strongly reject and deny.” As a victim of terrorism, China has taken decisive steps to combat terrorism and extremism. [et] Our actions are justified, in accordance with our laws, and in accordance with the practice established by countries around the world, “he added.” The UK Government’s announcement on these measures comes shortly after the end of December, a policy agreement in which human rights defenders criticize investments between China and the EU, including the United Kingdom. Not part.with AFP and Reuters

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