One of the famous crows has disappeared

One of the famous crows has disappeared

Missing the Queen of the Crows of the Tower of London, she lamented to her master on Thursday that she was in a hurry to indicate that seven birds were still living in the place, an essential condition to prevent the fall of the kingdom, according to legend.

Described as an independent bird, Merlina has not been seen for weeks within the walls of this historic castle, which borders the northern shores of the Thames. This is a worrying news, because according to the firmly rooted myth, if all the crows leave the tower, the kingdom will “fall” and the country will “sink into chaos.” According to a royal decree issued in 1630 by Charles II, there must have been six in that place at all times.

“Queen of the Crows”

The Tower of London, where the crown jewels are stored, sent a statement reassuring the British: “We now have seven crows in the tower, one for the six needed.”

Since joining the Bird Band in 2007, Merlina has been described by the Tower of London as the “Tower of the Raven Queen”. Although she sometimes takes things for granted, she always joins her partners Bobby, Erin, Jubilee, Rocky, Harris, Griff and George. Her boss, Chris Skyfe, fears she has gone to heaven for good.

“I’m afraid she’s not with us anymore”

“Merlina is an independent-minded crow. She has left the tower premises several times, but I’m her friend, usually she’s coming back. But this time she did not, I’m afraid she should not be with us anymore,” he told the BBC.

Although the threats of the collapse of the kingdom are “a myth and a legend”, the Raven Master is cautious: “We have seven crows in the Tower of London, by six royal decrees, of course I still have one spare, so for now all is well”.

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