Telegraph sharing memory in the new WhatsApp privacy policy

Telegraph sharing memory in the new WhatsApp privacy policy

Navi Delhi: WhatsApp, a social messaging app, is currently discussing its new privacy policy. Recently, WhatsApp asked its users to approve a new privacy policy or leave WhatsApp, and its users have responded differently to this decision. Telegram, a social news app, has been trolling WhatsApp in a funny way since the announcement of the new privacy policy.

The Telegram previously mocked WhatsApp by sharing two Spider-Man memes. Now Telegram has teased WhatsApp with another monument. The Telegram shared the GIF of the viral video from Ghana on its Twitter account, showing four people dancing with coffins. In it, Telegram replaced WhatsApp’s text of Privacy Policy with a coffin. There is a group of polyphires performing at funerals in real Ghana.

Telegram tweeted this on January 10, so far it has received over 283,000 likes and retweeted about 87,000 times. Not only that, but about 8,000 people have responded to this tweet.

In particular, the telegram also provided a special response to those who accepted the new WhatsApp privacy policy. The user indicates the status of the persons who accepted the policy. In a user’s tweet, Telegram suggested an option to uninstall WhatsApp, and said it was a cure for the disease. Telegram has given a special response to the user’s criticism in this tweet.

Illustration from WhatsApp

WhatsApp’s new privacy policy goes into effect next month, February 8th. But WhatsApp has also given an explanation considering the opposition of the users. WhatsApp has made it clear that you cannot read the personal messages of WhatsApp or Facebook users or listen to your calls with your friends and family. Everything you share will be with you. Because your personal messages are protected by final to final encryption. We will not allow this security to be compromised.

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