Unlike Trump, US Vice President Mike Pence will attend the inauguration of Biden

Unlike Trump, US Vice President Mike Pence will attend the inauguration of Biden

Washington DC, Compass.com – U.S. Vice President Mike Pence The following January 20th he attended the inauguration of Joe Biden.

He did not follow President Donald Trump, Announced on the day of the inauguration that he would not set foot in the White House.

Trump, the fourth president in U.S. history and the first in the last 150 years, has refused to attend his successor.

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Biden previously said he would be honored if Vice President Mike Pence attends on January 20.

On the contrary, he agrees that it is “the right thing to do” if he chooses not to attend to the traditions of his predecessor.

Since being declared defeated by Pita, Trump has repeatedly claimed that he was deceived US presidential election 3 November 2020.

When the US Congress approved Biden’s victory, he invited his supporters to come to Washington on Wednesday (6/1/2021).

However, that surprise is dangerous. The riots erupted after a crowd of current supporters tried to enter the Capitol building.

Five people were killed in the incident. Four of them are supporters of the president, the other a policeman.

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Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the US House of Representatives, said in her letter that she was ready to return to court next week.

Pelosi said he was ready to publish an article accusing Trump of inciting an uprising if the president did not resign.

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Pelosi, along with Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, also urged Pence and Trump’s cabinet members to implement Amendment 25.

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The amendments could force Trump to leave the White House and become Benz’s caretaker president. However, Pence is said to have opposed the idea.

The article on the indictment is expected to be released on Monday (11/1/2021), and the U.S. House of Representatives voted Wednesday (13/1/2021).

It states that if the article is passed in the US House of Representatives and then passed at the Senate level, Trump is in danger of failing to make progress in 2024. Sky News Saturday (9/1/2021).

He also became the first president in history to be indicted twice.

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