Trump acknowledged that his term was over and promised “orderly change.”

Trump acknowledged that his term was over and promised "orderly change."

In a statement released early Thursday morning, January 7, Donald Trump has promised to make arrangements now “An orderly change” Power to his anti-democratic Joe Biden on January 20.

Long live Fidel’s election confirmed, ‘anger’ against Trump appointed for Capital unrest

“I totally disagree with the election results, and even if the facts support me, there will be an orderly change on January 20.”, Twitter Vice President Don Schavino, who is in charge of social networking for the outgoing US President – has temporarily lost his account on Twitter.

“This marks the end of the best first presidency in history, and only the beginning of our struggle to make America better again.”, He continues.

Pictures of the besieged Capitol with police officers, weapons in hand, tear gas

At midnight, after rejecting the objections of elected Republican officials, Vice President Mike Pence confirmed Joe Biden’s victory this Thursday with an extraordinary session of 306 voters against 232 against the outgoing president in front of both chambers.

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