The MLP Players Association expects the 2021 season to begin in April

The MLP Players Association expects the 2021 season to begin in April

M.L.P.Chicago White Socks Summer TrainingMLB start date not set yet | Ron Wesley /.

Sportico’s Barry Bloom has announced that the MLP Players’ Association 2021 season will start without delay and is originally scheduled.

“As we have said on several occasions, we hope the season will begin on the date specified in the collective agreement. The Commissioner’s Office has given us indications that no changes have been made to this plan,” the union said in a statement.

The MLP announced that the 2021 season would begin on April 1 and the training camps would begin on February 27, but those plans were not approved because of concerns about anything related to Govt. -19.

In 2020, a 60-game campaign was launched due to the epidemic, but players have already stated that they plan to play the regular season of 162 duties in 2021.

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