Microsoft is making a huge surprise after announcing that Windows Pack

Microsoft is making a huge surprise after announcing that Windows Pack

Microsoft plans to redesign its “Windows” operating system, which includes a detailed visual update of the “Windows experience. A list of newly announced jobs in the field of software engineering has been published in the Windows Core User Experience Group.” The announcement said: “In this group, signaling to our customers that Windows is back. , We work with our primary platform, surface and manufacturing partners to ensure that Windows clients have the best operating system experience and integrate comprehensive visual reconfiguration of the Windows experience. “

Bill Gates is preparing a detailed visual restoration of the “windows”

According to “Windows Latest” changes made to “Windows 10” include a comprehensive change to the “Start” menu, “File Explorer” and a more modernized built-in application to provide a consistent user interface between all programs. This includes creating a computer switch between device modes The tablet is highly fluid and switches from a “mouse and keyboard” setting to touch-based application, allowing these updates to be created and added to documents, and can be updated and edited at any time, regardless of where they are created or how they are shared.

Microsoft has exposed a scientific pinch

The technology company Microsoft said that hackers affiliated with the Russian government were involved in a comprehensive attack targeting government networks and the US private sector, and were able to penetrate Microsoft systems in a deeper way than previously known, thus enabling access to code and potential value information. He accidentally downloaded a software attachment file used by Russian spies. However, Microsoft did not specify the type of information accessed, and the company claimed that the hacker had hacked into the account of an employee who had seen the code and some information. “Microsoft” revealed two weeks ago that it had discovered malware on its computer, and the Russians manipulated a program from “Solar Winds” to achieve the goals. Simply downloading the software update is not a hack, but US government officials say there is no doubt that accessing the code is dangerous.

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