Palmeras puts a foot in the final


The first of two duels between the Argentine and Brazilian giants, the semi-final between River Plate and Palmeiras became a tactical lesson. But for the first time, it was Marcelo Gallardo who got it.


In this edition both teams are turning three goals per game and we expect a lot from the opposing fight River Plate, 2018 winner, 2019 final, and Palmeiras, undoubtedly the best Brazilian luck in this event Green Never experienced the slightest tremor. Will be served to us.

If Gallardo’s 4-1-3-2 carousel from the start was dangerous in a big way, we didn’t really expect the river to see itself lowering its manhood in minutes. This is because the band at Abel Ferreira read its score correctly, putting the river beyond its own limits. For that, Palm trees With a striker Luis Adriano, within thirty-five meters of his targets, in the Enzo Perez area, and with crazy speed and verticality, the ability to explode in recovery. The brain was identified and annihilated, but did not exist River De La Cruz – Caracasl – A few attempts by the Fernandez trio, very quickly inaccurate and without the slightest idea of ​​how to create the play, a few crosses and specially set pieces. In minutes, the Green Thus he put his hand in the crowd, which was well aided by defensive shortcomings River. Because that’s why Franco Armani, no matter how perfect he was then, decided to advance to Gabriel Menino’s harmless center, which resulted in a ball being returned to Ronnie. No one understands why Hitman In second place Rojas forgot his nickname by allowing a big Luis Adriano ball to get caught by the defense. Finally, a valid title from the question about the free kick deposited by Cunhao Scarpa, no one understands how Gonzalo Montiel could have made such a wrong design in the third goal. But we must not reduce success to big and undeniable Palm trees Errors River.

Because the Abel Ferreira gang did not succeed in being overthrown River of ToyAfter all, playing with the precision of its attacking trio at a dangerous vertical and possession point, this is what taught a tactical lesson to Marcelo Gallardo, who has been accustomed for seven years to deliver to the continent. And the scale of the score and the enormous challenge facing River ToAlliance Park Next week, that’s why Palmeiras ’win makes him a finalist.



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