Boeing 737 MAX returns to US skies

Boeing 737 MAX returns to US skies
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The highly controversial Boeing 737 MAX, both models have been on the ground since March 2019 following two serious crashes that have been re-certified by the US Civil Administration FAA. The first flights have been relaunched with Brazilian GOL and American Airlines. Earnings under a trick …

The Consecutive crashes of two Boeing 737 Max aircraft in Indonesia and Ethiopia Claimed 346 victims. Misleading navigation helps computer programs. An observation that led to the suspension and total ban of the latest model aircraft of the American aircraft manufacturer Boeing.

It would therefore take almost two years to change all of the aircraft’s flight assistance programs. Certify it again to new standards. Recognition Some From November 2019 to April 2020 it was finally postponed twice last November.

So here again the controversial plane is in the air. The first company to use its Boeing 737 MAX was not American, but Brazilian. GOL hybrid transport The Boeing 737 Max was launched on December 9 from its hub in Sao Paulo. The company’s management has announced that it hopes to put all seven of its aircraft back into service by the end of 2020. No further information from the Brazilian carrier at this time …

The Boeing 737 Max is currently only available in the United States

However, more and more media started a robbery again American Airlines. On December 29, a Boeing 737 Max took off Miami Towards New York-La Guardia.

Speaking to reporters, Robert Isom, president of the company, The plane is ready to fly. The 737 MAX offers more comfort to passengers than older versions of the B737. It is very efficient; It is green. Other types of aircraft can fly while staying in hangars, ”He said.

American is expected to return all of its 34 Max jets to service in the spring. Southwest And United The devices have been confirmed to return to their respective fleets next March. American Airlines has already announced that it will allow a schedule change without penalty for passengers wishing to avoid boarding a Boeing 737 Max …

In Europe,Isa, The European Union’s Aviation Regulatory Commission is expected to issue a favorable opinion in January. Ryanair, The largest European operator of the 737 MAX, planned Distribution of 50 devices In this category 2021.

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