Controversy between Anthony Davis and Montreal Harrell

Montrezl Harrell et Anthony Davis entretiennent une petite rivalité chez les Lakers

Contrary to what one might fear, the Lakers are no longer a hangover after winning the title in the bubble. Everything can be done better on the pitch, however there are a few small areas between players. Fortunately, these tensions are very friendly.

After dominating the playoffs and winning the title, the Lakers had only two months to prepare for the new season. So, when the team star was 36 years old and had a long history with his luxury lieutenant injuries, there was reason for fans to be concerned. Los Angeles has made a great start to the season so there is little to no fatigue.

After 7 games played, Angelinos is one of the best records in the West (with Clippers and Suns), after all, Frank Vogue takes time to breathe life LeBron James Other stars at unimportant encounters. In fact, there is only one object that creates tension in the locker room in between Anthony Davis And Montreal Harrell, it’s not serious.

Anthony Davis said he had a friendly argument with Montreal Harrell. AD says floating was useful to him in his youth when he was not the “strongest guy in the world” and to avoid fraud and contact with insiders.

Anthony Davis: I will no longer use my float for you journalists.

The only tension in the lockers locker room is knowing which interior has the best float… It says a lot about the serenity of capturing back-to-back success in Los Angeles!

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The next matches will become a festival of floats for Anthony Davis and Montreal Harrell. Until the Lakers win, no one will find fault with it.

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