12 new species of deep-sea creatures have been discovered

12 new species of deep-sea creatures have been discovered

Biologists have discovered many species of plants and animals that have never been described in the North Atlantic Observatory.

New species of coral Episovanthus martinsey have been discovered at depths of more than 400 meters. Image: Atlas Project.

EU-funded, the Atlas project – newly completed to the tune of $ 11 million – has conducted a total of 45 voyages across the deep Atlantic North Sea since June 2016. . More than 80 scientists and volunteers from 13 countries around the world are participating in this project.

The researchers’ plan is to map the deep Atlantic from the coasts of the United States, Canada and Europe and explore life in the deep and inaccessible parts of the ocean.

“Whenever you go into the deep ocean, you find something new, not just individual species, but entire ecosystems,” said Atlas project marine chemist George Wolf. BBC.

All 12 new species, including fish, mollusks, seaweed, sponges and corals, live at an altitude of 400 meters above sea level. In addition, the researchers identified 35 previously known organisms.

“These creatures depend on corals and sponges. They resemble deep-sea cities and are important habitats,” said Murray Roberts, a professor at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. Judgment, insistence.

A new species of fish has been discovered at the bottom of the Rockall Bank in the North Atlantic Ocean.  Photo: University of Edinburgh.

A new species of fish has been discovered at the bottom of the Rockall Bank Sea. Image: University Edinburgh.

However, new discoveries are at risk from climate change. The team explained that the oceans are warming, high in acidity, and in some places depleting oxygen levels vital to life.

“If submarine cities are destroyed, many fish species will be nowhere to be found. The function of that entire ecosystem will disappear with future generations,” Roberts said. Further.

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The Atlas Project has produced 110 peer review reviews, and is expected to have nearly 100 reviews in the coming years. Planned voyages of the South Atlantic are scheduled to begin and end in 2023.

Don Duong (As stated therein BBC / Euro News)

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