The gift that LeBron gave to Kevin Love was revealed

The gift that LeBron gave to Kevin Love was revealed


Kevin Love and LeBron James Team players, champions, but today they are in two different situations … The latter is still one of the best players on the planet today, if not the best, a title coming out of a season, and he is a focal point on his team.

If Kevin Love hadn’t changed his title from his title in 2016, his role would have evolved greatly and would not have needed to be better. At the time he was the 3rd member of the King and Big 3 Kyrie Irving, He is an interior renovation expert and above all a dangerous trigger behind the curve. Today, he is a senior, we no longer really count …

If he had fallen into anonymity with the fans again, K-Love would still be in LeBron’s heart. Also, to celebrate Christmas and New Year, the Lakers’ 23rd place gave a small gift to his teammate. Apparently, the gesture was more than appreciated. LeBron and Alcohol, a great story.

If the intent is good, we also have to admit that LeBron didn’t really scratch his brain to figure out this idea. In fact, he owns the tequila brand “Lopos”, along with his longtime partner Maverick Carter. Still, Kevin Love saved $ 160 for this bottle!

By the way, if the Caves inside loved the gift, he wished he had time to receive offerings from the king in the corner

Last season J.R. LeBron showed it with Smith, he still has a place for former teammates in distress. If Kevin Love didn’t play much in Cleveland (to say the good surprise of that season), maybe he would be given by the king?

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