The earth reaches its maximum speed

La Tierra alcanza su máxima velocidad

This will reach Earth on Saturday, January 2, the highest speed recorded in 2021, Welcome year to us. A speed accordingly He National Astronomical Laboratory, It will hit 110,700 kilometers per hour Or, well, 30.75 kilometers per second. This phenomenon is known as ‘perihelion’, at which time the earth is closer than the sun, About 147,093,051 kilometers from the star.

Its opposite, called ‘Abelion’ When the earth is far from the sun-, Experts say this will not happen until next summer, July 5th. At this time, we are about 152,100,375 kilometers from the star. Some of the dates that are valid for the year due to the calendars – taking into account the leap years like 2020 that we have left – or the tropical years, i.e. the duration of each orbit of the earth around the sun. Therefore, these dates are not fixed in the calendar.

Although The average speed at which the earth moves is 107,280 kilometers – travels 930 million kilometers of elliptical orbit every 365 days for 4 hours-, Kepler Who invented it The planets move faster in their orbits as they approach the sun. So, according to Kepler’s second law, this is the maximum speed our planet will reach this Saturday It is 110,700 kilometers per hour and 103,536 kilometers per hour slower in July. This is a difference of more than 7,000 kilometers per hour in six months.

Frost temperatures start 2021

However, when we are closer to the sun, it is strange to think that the temperature is much cooler than it was in winter. Well, the truth is that it is normal. The explanation comes from the tilt of the axis of rotation of the earth. In the Southern Hemisphere they are now enjoying summer. In fact, any northern hemisphere – in which Spain is located – is closest to the sun In winter it makes them – oddly enough – less cold than in the Southern Hemisphere. In the summer it happens: In our northern hemisphere, summers are also hotter.

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