Scientists are creating ‘time crystals’, a new level

Scientists are creating 'time crystals', a new level

Scientists From University of Granada (Of course Spain) And that Dubbingen (Germany) Have found a way to create time crystals, a The new phase of matter, which follows a crystal structure in the fourth dimension, From extreme fluctuations in many particle physics systems, time rather than being in space.

The Time crystals A new level recently proposed Nobel Prize Physics Frank Wilkeck, In Massachusetts Institute of Technology (With), In To us.

Discovery Especially relevant, Researchers explained, in fields such as metrology, For the design of highly accurate clocks or in quantum computing, Time can use crystals Simulating floor levels or designing computers More robust quantum.

In Time crystals -It was originally recommended in 2012, Atoms repeat a shape through the fourth dimension, Over time, unlike ordinary crystals (like diamonds), atoms are arranged in a repetitive spatial structure, University of Granada. These new temporary crystals They are characterized by the formation of a movement over time.

Researchers including Rby Hurtado Gutiérrez, Carlos Pérez Espigares And Pablo Hurtado, From the field Electromagnetism and Physics at the University of Granada, Demonstrate that some dynamic phase changes that appear in the rare fluctuations of many physical systems in this study arbitrarily break the translational symmetry over time.

Scientists They have proposed a new way to use this eventOr natural to create time crystals.

To make simulations of this work, scientists used Supercomputer Proteus, Belonging to Carlos IA Institute of Theoretical Physics And University of Granada Calculation, Considered One of the supercomputers of scientific computation The most powerful general in Spain.

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Scientists propose an unexplored path

Investigator Pablo Hurtado Explained “Einstein’s relativity taught us that time is somehow flexible, And it is inextricably linked with space as a whole as we know it as space time.

However, this integration is partial Time is still special in many ways, Says scientist, he is an example “We can go back and forth between any two points in space, But notwithstanding We cannot look to the past; There is an arrow for time, while there is no such arrow for space. “

In his study, Scientists propose a hitherto unexplored path to create time crystals, Based on recent observations the spontaneous breakdown of the time translation symmetry in the fluctuations of many particle systems.

Why are results important?

The results, because the researchers said Open the unexplored path to better understand time and its symmetriesOn a practical level, they teach new ways to create time crystals.

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