Laker lands in the league after three penalties

Laker lands in the league after three penalties

The NBA wanted to strike hard after the December 31 altercation between the Maws and the Hornets. Too strong? This is the opinion of a locker, do not hesitate to let it know without filtering.

For years the NBA has tried to minimize floor arguments as much as possible, eager to avoid fights and protect its image. Conclusion: Slipping is increasingly rare, even if it happens sometimes to see spirits being hot. This happened most recently between the Maws and the Hornets:

Nothing is more enjoyable, is it? However, the league fined James Johnson 000 40,000, Cody Martin 000 25,000 and Caleb Martin $ 20,000. A disciplinary action not entirely pleasing to Jared Dudley is found in a tweet on the matter:

I know NBA players make a lot of money, but getting 40kg and 25k without getting punched is crazy… You can take a technique, talk badly to a referee or insult him. 2500, but pushing a player 40,000 and 25,000? No Puru! It is out of control

Among the qualifications, Jared Dudley presents interesting arguments. However, he may forget that these sanctions should not, above all, cause bad habits and are aimed at preventing rather than curing. But the debate deserves to be opened …

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Rain penalty for minor fights? Jared Dudley has seen enough. However, the NBA is not sure if it is asking that …

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