“Baseball”: A song to tell his life story

"Baseball": A song to tell his life story

On a sunny day in December, I drive my car through the streets of my Plateau-Mont-Royal neighborhood, listening to the radio and, to my surprise, listening to a song about baseball. One thing Mid Not on the safe side …

This arouses my curiosity for obvious reasons.

I come home and type the lyrics of the song in Google from memory. And then, here, it’s a song by Sarah Duffer, a budding artist with a unique and comforting voice, and our favorite game, dear readers, apart from talking about the title Baseball. Must have!

Sarah Tufor1
Photo: Page Facebook de Sarah Dufour

Had to write an essay. I contacted the artist in question and she was crazy about this idea. Here is the result of an honest and genuine interview.

The more I talk to you, the more baseball in my life

First, let me tell you how much I enjoyed conducting this interview. Wonderful young woman born in the equally wonderful region of Lock-Saint-Gene, a radioactive person, happily infected. A valuable woman who deserves to know and hear, especially with a microphone in hand. As for the story, when I started the interview, she was the one who asked me questions in order to get to know me better, she says it all!

Now we have a ball.

I quickly realized that Sarah Duffer was very much in tune with her family heritage and her childhood. During the creative process of writing her album titled Sarah Duffer, she wanted to testify precisely to this aspect of her life around the world that what first came to her mind was when she played baseball while playing baseball, with her Mid Who is not on the right side. Really! As she tells me well, it took a long time to play a game, to catch the ball with the left hand, remove the glove with the right hand, and then throw the ball with the left hand. In short, a long process.

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The work eventually gained its meaning. His baseball glove became the centerpiece of his song. It starts and ends the track. From what I realized, it may even be a metaphor for his youth.

Yes, she loved it so much, baseball! During the interview, he confirms it even with his mother, the latter who wants to play in the leagues and tells her that he was not forced to do so. In fact, his mother was also a baseball player in his youth. As if the apple had not fallen too far from the tree.

Sarah Tufor2
Photo: Page Facebook de Sarah Dufour

Baseball occupies an important place in the Force. They have this beautiful annual tradition of meeting in the family garden on the last weekend of June, and a ball game is played. One year when she was a teenager, she wanted to play with guys, and Sarah disguised herself as a gentleman and went so far as to grow a beard to fool grandparents, uncles and cousins!

Unfortunately, the artist nominated for the 2020 Folk Album never got a chance to go to the Expos. However, she has a team outfit. A long time ago Road travel South of the border, she was parked at the Cleveland Indians game when her friend caught a ball.

I can feel the stars in his eyes as we begin to discuss his interest in attacking baseball. That’s right, he was a member of the Coop Shure in Laval, and often went there and left the steam room, especially with his friends and touring colleagues. Scoop here, she’s a bilateral hitter! To tell her how much she loved it, she bought her own stick to take to the plate! A typing session is planned between the author of these lines and the main interested party in this text.

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Successful year 2020

Since he left the National Anthem School in 2012, each year has been bigger than ever before for the singer of Talpo-Mistachini. However, 2020 will undoubtedly be the biggest of his life, he calls itPeople of the year discovered it. And for good reason.

Sarah Tufor4
Photo: Page Facebook de Sarah Dufour

He traveled all over Quebec this summer to the Magdalen Islands and did 43 shows. She appeared in the saloon, Bonjour! Show twice. It was also part of the Belly Ed Bum Christmas Special. He will be touring Europe in 2021. Gone are the days when he used to send baseball used to various media with download codes of his songs in order to get to know himself.

Finally, if you ever see her, I suggest you have yours Mid Baseball. As he says in his beautiful song, Sarah always drags her in her chariot and uses it to clear their minds with colleagues on tour.

Thanks to Sarah Dufour for this wonderful song. Quebecs and baseball fans are blessed to hear this wonderful anthem.

Listen to the song, Click here.

For more information, The link to his website is here, And one On the Facebook page.

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