Pence “I have no right to overturn the election results” … eventually split with Trump

Pence "I have no right to overturn the election results" ... eventually split with Trump

U.S. Vice President Mike Pence expressed his desire not to reject the decisions of the Electoral Commission at a joint meeting of the House of Representatives on the 31st (local time) last month. [AP=연합뉴스]

U.S. Vice President Mike Pence has expressed his willingness not to reject the Electoral Force’s voting results as a result of the victory of President-elect Joe Biden. This is interpreted as a sign of President Trump’s continued refusal to “change the presidential election.”

According to the New York Times (NYT), Vice President Pence said on the 31st of last month (local time) The vice president asked the court to dismiss the case, saying he had no authority to overturn the election results.

Earlier, Republican Congressman Louis Kourmet told a local district federal court in Texas. Vice President Pence should guarantee a broad will in the certification process of the Electoral Force.He filed a lawsuit against the ‘Electoral Number Act’ passed in 1887.

Republican Congressman Louis Comet has filed a lawsuit against the Electoral Counting Act, claiming that the U.S. vice president should have a broad preference in the electoral college certification process. [AP=연합뉴스]

Republican Congressman Louis Comet has filed a lawsuit against the Electoral Counting Act, claiming that the U.S. vice president should have a broad preference in the electoral college certification process. [AP=연합뉴스]

The Electoral Number Act is a law that governs how Congress approves the results of a presidential election. Under the Act, the Senate and House of Representatives will hold a joint sitting on January 6. The joint meeting is chaired by the President of the Senate and approved by the Vice President of the U.S. Senate.

As per usual practice, this procedure is the formal procedure for accepting the results of the election votes already established on the 14th of last month. As Speaker of the Senate, the Vice President was only in a continuing role.

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However, Republicans who have filed lawsuits like Congressman Gourmet “Under this amendment, Defendant Pence has the exclusive power and discretion to disclose and approve election forces in certain states.”“In each state, if several election ballot results are released or there is an objection (in Parliament) against the election committee, it should be allowed to decide whether it is acceptable or invalid,” he said.

In the process of certifying and declaring electoral forces, Vice President Pence made a decision in favor of the Republican Party, that is, to exclude electoral forces in certain states unfavorable to US President Donald Trump.

However, Vice President Pence said that there must be a conflict of interest between the plaintiff and the defendant for the conclusion of the Gourmet case, but here, Vice President Pence is the only defendant, so it cannot be satisfied.

US President Donald Trump in a tweet

US President Donald Trump puts the caption “I look forward to January 6” in a tweet. January 6 is the day the poll results are certified and announced, and some Republican lawmakers have announced they will raise objections to the election results. [트위터 캡처]

The Washington Post (WP), although limited to legal matters, This is the first time Vice President Pence has demonstrated his willingness not to change the election results.Explained. Earlier, President Trump put pressure on Vice President Pence by releasing a tweet saying “I look forward to January 6th”.

“I will appeal” … Republican fight

Ahead of the joint meeting, there was a split within the Republican Party on both sides over the Election Commission’s objection. Senator George Howley said he would do so, despite Republican Senator Mitch McConnell urging senators not to appeal to the Electoral Commission.

Already in the Republican House of Representatives, about 10 members of the House of Representatives have publicly announced that they will appeal to election committees in some states, such as Arizona, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Georgia and Wisconsin.

According to Politico, a media outlet in the United States, on the 31st of last month, McConnell’s presidential representative put pressure on the Senate Republican Party to explain the reasons for objecting to Congressman Howley. Republican Senator Ben Sass said the previous day that “the president and his aides are playing with fire” and urged Republicans to stay away from the objection.

It is unlikely that Republican opposition to the election force’s results will lead to President Trump’s victory. If there is an objection in a particular state, the Senate and House of Representatives decide whether to approve the state election committee by debate and vote because the Democrats have a majority in the House and the Republican leadership in the Senate has expressed opposition.

In addition, the decision of several states would have to be reversed in order to invalidate the election of Biden, who received 306 electoral troops.

Reporter Seok Kyung-min [email protected]

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