Pascal Siagam was punished and allowed by the raptors!

Pascal Siagam was punished and allowed by the raptors!

Nothing exactly happened in Toronto. After 3 defeats in several games to start the season, frustration is already showing the tip of its nose. And Pascal Siagam, who went a long way in his approach, was allowed by his openness.

Outside of the address at the start of the campaign, Pascal is like Siamese raptors: very sad. After another loss to Philadelphia on Tuesday, Inter left his bench before the end of the game, dropping his teammates. An approach that did not go hand in hand with the administration of rights allowed him to:

Sources told The Athletic that the Raptors have decided not to play All-Star Pascal Sigam tonight against the Knicks through disciplinary action. Siakam filed a pre-trial lawsuit after she picked up her 6th complaint Tuesday in Philadelphia.

The message of the dinosaurs is clear: everyone must stay in their place and contribute in their own way. Too bad if the team suffers against a Knicks team with full confidence.

This proves that there is a lot of tension in the Canadian locker room, which the former Alex Lenn does not deny:

Yes, this locker room is full of tension. This is normal and no one wants to lose.

After a good surprise last year by defending their title in a heroic way, the Raptors are unrecognizable this year and will have to recover quickly to avoid a major disappointment and an explosion.

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Pascal Siagam is being penalized after just 3 games this season, and this is the worst on the Toronto side. The title of 2019 seems far off!

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