Paris or London: Which city is twice as green as other cities?

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This is something we in London can certainly envy, with its countless parks and gardens at the center! Between London and Paris, there is no photo, the French capital is very low on lush green land and parks, unlike its neighbors across the Channel.

According to the Mapping Company, 16.8% of Greater London’s public green spaces, eight million trees have been identified, and the city of Paris has just 8.8% green land, or half.

The royal family’s former hunting grounds are open to the public, with royal parks covering a total area of ​​22 km2 and covering 9 vast green spaces including Hyde Park, Richmond Park, St. James’ Park and Regents Park. As for the French capital, there are 2 hectares for kindergarten use, 300 hectares of playground and another 300 hectares of parks and gardens.

The capital’s true green lungs, Hyde Park is the largest green space in central London and one of the capital’s nine royal parks. Covering an area of ​​140 hectares, Kensington Garden covers an area of ​​250 hectares with an area of ​​110 hectares. By comparison, Park de la Villett, the largest park in Paris, has a total area of ​​only 55 hectares! As such, Hyde Park is almost five times larger than the park at the 19th Arrondissement of Paris.

In addition, Holland Park, one of the smallest parks in London, covers an area of ​​22 hectares, with the largest Parisian parks being the Parc des Buds-Summont (24.73 ha), as well as the Jordin des Touloris. (25.5 ha) or Champ-de-Mars Garden (24.5 ha). Parisian green spaces are largely unsuitable for many parks and gardens in the British capital: Patterson Park (83 ha), Regents Park (166 ha), Hampstead Heath (320 ha), Richmond Park (955 ha), etc. …

Sure, Boise de Vincennes (995 hectares) won Richmond Park, but it’s not enough for Paris! The British capital is the first to be recognized “National Park Capital in the World”. In 2019, it became the first major city in the world to comply with the International Charter of “National Park Cities” launched by the National Park City Foundation (NPCF) in conjunction with World Urban Parks. Paris is still a long way from winning this prestigious title …

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