Index – Abroad – Another criminal case has been filed against Alexei Navalny in Russia

Index - Abroad - Another criminal case has been filed against Alexei Navalny in Russia

Opposition politician Alexei Navalny is facing another criminal charge in Russia on suspicion of embezzling personal funds from public donations collected for organizations under his control.

Russia’s intelligence agency on Tuesday night accused the opposition leader and several unnamed individuals of embezzling 356 million rubles (1.44 billion rupees). According to Russian officials, the suspects used it to cover their personal expenses, namely financing foreign trips, purchasing services and valuables.

Alexei Navalny responded to what he thought were allegations made on Twitter. He described it as a “frantic act” ordered by Vladimir Putin. He said he had already expected authorities to try to imprison him for failing to kill him.

According to the Reuters news agency, the Kremlin is another indication that Alexei Navalny has not returned from Berlin, where he was treated so far following the failed assassination attempt on him in August.

Alexi One of the harshest critics of the Russian presidency is Navalny Vladimir Putin. The Kremlin said that, like all Russian citizens, Navalny was free to return to his homeland at any time. The opposition politician also said he wanted to return to Russia. He was airlifted to Germany in August on a Russian plane. According to German doctors, the opposition politician was poisoned by newcomers with neurotoxins. The Kremlin has repeatedly denied that Russian authorities had anything to do with the poisoning.

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