Charles Dickens, Frenzy Walker in London, 1812-1870 – AB. 7/13

Charles Dickens, Frenzy Walker in London, 1812-1870 - AB.  7/13

Twenty years after birth Dickens In 1812, La Fabric de l’Histoir takes a walk London With many “Dickens enthusiasts”, scholars and intellectual amateurs of the work and life of the most famous English writers for two centuries.

Actor Simon Gallo takes us Covent Garden In the theater district. His generous laughter, his charisma, and his irrelevance are reminiscent of Dickens’, which fascinated him on stage, and his works were read in public until his death in 1870.

Incredibly famous in his lifetime – as far as America is concerned – is Dickens “Today we call him a rock star” According to historian Lucinda Hoxley, one of her descendants. Oliver Twist, Great expectations, David Copperfield, Antique shop, A Christmas carol, Etc. Weekends are first released by episode.

The writer knows how to keep his readers in suspense and it knocks at the painful spot. With its characters, thugs, murderers, incompetent judges, perverted lawyers and above all street children growing up in dark and dirty London, it became the largest city in the world with a population of 2 million in the mid-19th century.

We return to Saffron Hill or Southwark south of the Thames in the footsteps of Oliver Twist, where Dickens’ father was locked up in a debt prison. With the collapse of petty bourgeoisie or the “unsupported”, Victorian society in the midst of the Industrial Revolution paid little attention to the weak, important characters of the English writer.

“Dickens’ Semi-Cinema Writing”, According to Adrian Wooten of Film London, “His rich and accurate descriptions, the rhythm of his story”, Get the support of millions of readers despite the severity of its stories. Dickens, who died a few years before the birth of cinema, is on the big screen and the writer who has often embraced him: London.

Actor Simon Gallows, historian Lucinda Dickens-Hawksley, Joan Dix of the Dickens Fellowship, Adrian Wooden of Film London and Andrew Sanders, Professor of Literature, expert on Charles Dickens.

The documentary is illustrated by excerpts from Charles Dickens’ works, letters and essays, and images adapted from his novels.

  • Written by Catherine Gilliardi
  • Director: Severin Kasar
  • Making History – Charles Dickens, Frenzy Walker in London, 1812-1870 (1st Broadcast: 12/24/2012)
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