An investigation to find out whether pollution was the cause of a young woman’s death

An investigation to find out whether pollution was the cause of a young woman's death

A public hearing in London to determine the role of air pollution in the death of a little girl living near a busy London Axis opens on Monday, which could set a precedent.

Then at the age of nine, Ella Ado-Kissy-Debra died of a severe asthma attack on February 15, 2013, in almost 30 years of continuous attacks and in more than 30 hospitals related to the disease.

An initial investigation determined that he had died in 2014 from a severe respiratory illness caused by severe asthma. But those findings were overturned in 2019 and a new investigation was ordered due to new evidence related to air pollution risks, highlighted in a 2018 report.

This second investigation, which begins Monday and will last two weeks, will examine the extent of all the exposed pollution and determine if they were the cause of her death. If the convicted murderer who identifies the cause of death decides that air pollution is the direct cause of death of all, it will set a precedent. The girl is believed to be the first person in the UK to cause air pollution to die.

According to one expert, “a strike link”

Ella lived less than 30 meters from the South Circle, which is the busiest and usually congested route in south London. In 2018, British air pollution expert Professor Stephen Holgate noted that there was a “strike link” between Ela’s emergency hospital admission and the peaks recorded in nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and aerial particles. The most harmful pollutants.

The investigation will examine the possible failures of the authorities to take steps to reduce pollution and to inform the public about health risks. Officials from the Ministries of Transport, Environment and Health and Professor Holgate will also be asked. Ella’s mother, Rosamond Adu-Kissi-Debra, will testify in the second week of the trial.

“It’s been almost eight years since all died, it was a long, hard struggle, there are obstacles along the way. I want justice for everything, and I want the real cause of death written in it. Said before.

“He is the life and soul of our home – always playing music, dancing with my other daughter Sophia. He was very influential to his younger siblings, encouraged them to succeed, and plays their game,” he testified. Cockburn considered.

Limits are exceeded in 99% of the city

According to the City of London, 99% of the city’s air pollution exceeds the WHO’s recommended limits. Last month, Jane Burston, managing director of the Clean Air Fund, noted that “children in London are 4.2% more likely to be hospitalized with asthma on days when nitrogen dioxide pollution is high.”

London’s Labor Mayor Sadiq Khan said last month that air quality had improved since 2016, with sub – statistics. He outlined the steps taken since his election. The “Ultra-Low Emission Zone” (ULEZ) came into force last year, forcing drivers of highly polluting vehicles to pay daily taxes for entry.

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