A man is attacked by a giant kangaroo (video)

A man is attacked by a giant kangaroo (video)

This Australian almost had the worst time of his life. He was attacked by a large kangaroo, but fortunately escaped without much damage.

In Australia, many endangered species live on land and in the oceans. Undoubtedly comes to mind at first Sharks, Snakes or even Spiders, There are others who are not underestimated. This is it Kangaroos. In fact, some models are far from the smallest vultures found in the country. They can reach Three meters high and 85 kg. Also it is strongly recommended not to go near it. This is what an Australian from Southwest Rocks in New South Wales in the southwest of the country learned.

A violent argument

December 25, Mitchell was walking in a large kangaroo field in front of Robinson’s house And dig holes. The man ended up going outside to try to remove the animal from his property. But the latter was not ready to depart. So the Australian decided to crush him by throwing a small pebble near him. Very bad idea, because after a few seconds, The Kangaroo Walked towards him to attack him. After a kick, Mitchell pushed Robinson to the ground before he could run.

“He was staring at him, so he took something to try to move on. As soon as he did that we realized he was going to run towards him,” said family friend Tina Grace Rowe. 7 News.

If the Australian had already broken his arm before the incident, there would have been no other injuries.

Do not access them

Many kangaroos prefer this initiative within cities. They have been searching for food since the fire burned most of their natural habitat. So the authorities advise you not to approach them when you see them, because they are very dangerous.

“They have big claws on their front legs and have all the power to strike their hind legs, so they have plenty of weapons,” said Chad Staples, warden at Featherdale Wildlife Park.

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