7 definite signs that work is ruining your life

7 definite signs that work is ruining your life

Each job has its advantages and disadvantages.

Everyone has bad days at work. But if you are afraid of waking up in the morning or you are constantly on the verge of tears at your desk, chances are high that work will destroy you mentally.

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According to Amy Morin, author of “The 13 Rule of Mental Illness”, a hostile work environment can make people miserable and lead to many illnesses related to depression and stress.

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“You’re no longer in negative thoughts and useless behaviors, you feel bad, it seems like a vicious circle,” Amy said.

1. They will not pay as much as you owe

This is very clear. Regardless of the promise of some future increase, you do not accept that someone is underestimating you.

2. You have no chance to progress

Your job is not bad, but you want more, not knowing that you can progress in your current job. In that case, look for an opportunity to advance in a new job.

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3. Going to work is hard for you

You get the idea of ​​reporting how sick you are every morning, while at the same time looking for reasons to make sure you wake up.

4. Let your day go

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When you have to acquire new skills you are nervous, which is good, but if everything is hard for you, you will probably be in the wrong job.

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5. The boss is constantly criticizing you

You are right, but the bosses do not accept it because they are constantly criticizing you.

6. Don’t brag about your work

When you are in the company, when the story of the work begins, it happens to you as soon as one gets drunk and goes home. Aside from the lack of funny stories, the situation is even worse if you are doing a job that you are ashamed of.

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7. Do not learn anything new at work

In every new job, you have to be diligent to absorb new knowledge and skills. However, if you have not learned anything by now, why are you still there?

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