Austin Martin could play in Toronto as early as 2021 (according to Sportsnet)

Austin Martin could play in Toronto as early as 2021 (according to Sportsnet)

Austin Martin’s name is subject to much mic among Jays fans. That’s normal: after all, the chance to add a player of his ability to an already full attack list is enough to create saliva.

Over the past few days, I have reported that members of the Jais organization have been inspired by that young man’s work ethic. In everything he does, he gives his all.

The time he comes to Toronto may be closer than you think.

After all, facing the elderly this summer, he’s fine. The small system is so small that it cannot go into it Short season.

According to guys at Sportsnet, his chances of getting started at AA are even better. They said a good month or two in batting could push youngsters to the next level (AAA, Buffalo).

At this point, who knows?

This explains the reason why it should not be long. Not as short as Garrett Hook, the 2020 White Sox Top Pick who has already played in the Majors, but hey.

The fact that the boy can play anywhere on the pitch can help Martin more than anyone else. His main positions are shortstop, center fielder and third pace, but he can play in the corners of the field and on the right side of the infield.

So it doesn’t matter if Jayce wants to improve in the field or in the field. He would go and play where the room was – and he would be comfortable.

Anyway, in Charlie Montoya’s system, that’s how it works. A guy who deserves his batting looks will have them, and he will be on the field.

It was up to him to start strong below to get his place in the sun.

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