Air Canada stumbled upon a Boeing 737 MAX engine problem

Un Boeing 737 MAX d'Air Canada dérouté après un problème de réacteur

Dec. Air Canada explained in an email.

“The plane was diverted to Duson, it landed normally and is still there,” Air Canada said, noting the nature of the crash during the commercial “fitting flight”.

According to the Belgian special site Aviation 24.B, which revealed this information, the drop in hydraulic pressure in the left reactor is at the origin of this incident.

The Canadian government announced in mid-December that it had reviewed changes to the design of the Boeing 737 Max, which has been grounded for 21 months following two crashes that killed 346 people.

But the aircraft, which was bought by Canadian airlines Air Canada, WestJet and Sunwing, has not yet received permission to resume commercial flights in Canada.

The United States approved the Boeing 737 MAX to fly again in mid-November, but the United States Aviation Agency (FAA) said several changes were needed before the aircraft could return to service.

Last week, the Brazilian company Cole became the first person in the world to return a Boeing 737 Max to service on a smooth commercial flight between Sao Paulo and Porto Alegre.

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