10 events to learn about Mario, which will make the cult video game hero look different

10 events to learn about Mario, which will make the cult video game hero look different

Mario, that’s that hero It landed in the early 1980s and will never leave the hearts of fans again. Even today, the character of this video game is one of the biggest and most loved. Here are 10 events about a plumber who has certainly hidden many secrets.

1. His first name is not Mario

And Super Mario Brothers. Released on Nintendo in 1985, Mario was previously screened in 1981. He appeared for the first time in the game Donkey He did not call himself Mario at the time. This brand new hero was known as the Jumpman (who jumped in the French version). Its purpose is to save the woman in distress from the clutches of the giant gorilla, avoiding various obstacles such as the famous barrels.

It was only when the game came to the United States that American branch leaders decided to change its name to Mario. Request accepted by Nintendo Japan and its creator Shigeru Miyamoto.

2. He is not a plumber

Mario is not always that friendly plumber, everyone wants to snatch its services. In Donkey, He is a carpenter! It had nothing to do with these tube stories then. It was not until 1983, two years after it was created, that his career was decided to be a plumber, so he made several references to later appearing games.

But Mario can do it all, and he also becomes a doctor in the puzzle game series Dr. Mario Since 1990, before starting as a kart driver or competing in the Olympics!

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3. Mario or Popeye?

Shigeru Miyamoto initially intended to create a game around Bobby, Olive and their vengeful Brutus, but Nintendo never bought the rights to do so. The creator then returned to the creation of Donkey and Mario. Finally, a year after Nintendo’s release, it released a game centered on Bob Donkey, But he was very different from Mario, and the hero could not jump.

4. The voice behind Mario

It was not released until 1996 Super Mario 64 Mario is very famous for his voice and received his voice «This is a one-me, Mario. American dubbing actor Charles Martinet doubles as him, the true legend of the franchise, because he’s Luigi, Wario, Valuki, Baby Mario, Baby Luigi க்கூடிய impressive!

5. Why a hat and mustache?

If Mario wears this iconic outfit, it’s for a very simple reason, Shikeru Miyamoto explains it well: “ When we had to format the characters, there was a simple space of 16 to 16 pixels. So creating a person in normal proportions is neither fun nor complicated. So I started with a big face and then decided to fill in the body. I couldn’t really shape a mouth, so I made a big nose and covered it with a mustache. We couldn’t really represent the hair, which is why I covered a head for him. »

6. Mario is not always a hero

What? Facing Bowser – the one who beats him after the beat – for forty years, the main villain Donkey Kong Jr., In 1982! He captured Danking in a cage, and the player played his son who tried to save him and freed him on several levels of the game.

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7. Super Mario Brothers2 Mario is not a game

To be continued Super Mario Brothers. Not the same in Japan and the rest of the world. Japanese Edition, Chess Nous Lost levels When exiting later in the package Super Mario All-Stars, Was considered very difficult for Western players. So Nintendo chose to release another game in the US and Europe: this is the game Toky Toky Panic It was used as a template. The protagonists are replaced by Mario, Luigi, Todd and Peach, with some graphic changes. The game was later released under the name in Japan Super Mario USA.

8. Origin of Chain Champs

Chain champs are one of Mario’s most cult enemies, and they have a very special look. Shigeru Miyamoto was not inspired by some monster from the pop culture or another cartoon character in his Chain Champs, but by his side dog when he was a kid! Every time he saw her, his chain chased him until he caught him.

9. Impressive number of games

Mario is not only the hero of his own adventures: the world-famous plumber has appeared in more than 200 games since his inception in 1981. This is a post! We clearly see this character in many of the topics that celebrate Nintendo’s world Super Smash Brothers Or his Olympic Games, Our mustachioed hero is with Sonic.

10. The first film adaptation

Young people do not know this, but there is an adaptation of the 1993 film Mario. Actor Bob Hoskins presents his features to the hero, and the film is critically acclaimed if not really appreciated, which has become a cult for many fans. Adapted from the video game, this is the first feature of the new movie pending. Mario should see daylight in 2022.

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