“I’m very interested, I’m very stressed,” says a French woman stranded in the United Kingdom.

"I'm very interested, I'm very stressed," says a French woman stranded in the United Kingdom.

No more flights, ferry lines blocked, channel tunnel stopped. Many French people rushed to the London station last night to catch the last Eurostars. But for others it is too late. They are now Stuck on the other side of the channel.

This Parisian had come to the English capital for a few days For a job interview. “I’m very interested, very stressed, because I have no information. I know I ‘m the only one. Entry into French territory is prohibited, That’s all I know. I didn’t even know how I was going to manage my accommodation How will I continue to live here. I’m not home, “she said.

The latter appeals to Madiknon, who issued a statement describing his thoughts on foreigners Return to vacation in France. “I’m a French woman who’s been there for a while, who’s been controlling me, who’s following all the rules of England. She asks herself.

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RDL Guest, Gabriel Atoll justified this decision : “We have suspended all border crossings for 48 hours, he continues, effective time for European integration and Implementing a protocol Our fellow citizens who had planned to spend the holidays with their families should be allowed to come back when health care conditions are guaranteed. “

A government spokesman encourages French detainees in the United Kingdom Check back soon, “The solution will necessarily be fundamental Performs a test “Before departure,” he promised.

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