The war between Facebook and Apple is raging … because “you”

The war between Facebook and Apple is raging ... because "you"

A few days ago, I removed it Facebook Blue tag documenting the company homepage CamelThe mark given to public individuals and companies in order to indicate their credibility and true identity.

The tag was absent from Apple’s Facebook page until Thursday morning, and the absence of the mark made Apple’s maker of any custom page created by a user in seconds.

What is remarkable about this is that Facebook has a blue identity that documents the accounts of Apple competitors Microsoft AndSamsung Etc.

He was the CEO of the Blue website, Mark ZurkbergLast week, he was criticized for OS privacy updates Apple devices IOS 14, which will come into effect next year.

He says the new updates allow or disallow users the right to track them for advertising purposes, and that Facebook is one of the apps that tracks users, and that it is important to link them with smaller companies that provide services that meet their needs.

By conducting surveillance, it helps small companies all over the world, indicating that their number is over 10 million, Facebook said.

Apple CEO Tim Cook responded to the reports in practice, saying that Apple believes that users have the right to choose the data they collect about themselves and how to use it.

Cook wrote this in a tweet on Twitter, which also included a picture showing him requesting user data from Facebook, which probably angered Facebook.

If Apple goes ahead with this option, it will be disastrous for Facebook’s revenue, depending on the ads.

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