SpaceStation won the Gaming Rocket League summit

SpaceStation won the Gaming Rocket League summit

Last week, beyond the summit, the tournament hosted by Rocket League Summit 2 took place. The competitions of this organization should be very happy and it is never wrong to entertain the audience with high level drama in a very sober environment. This time around, Quebec is just a little behind with Toro and his rock team, which is SportStation Gaming.

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Mice play when the cat is away

Eight teams entered the competition for the North American region of the event. Notably, there are no top three teams in the region. In fact, G2 Sports, NRG Sports and Team NV did not participate beyond the summit. In doing so, the winning team became space station gaming. As the only representative of the stage, she had to set the pace.

Well, that’s what she did. Despite the very close final, SSG dominated its course. During the playoffs of the event, SSG defeated Rock twice and sent the Pittsburgh Knights to a 4-1 victory. With those wins under the belt, the Sibyl team Arsenal retaliation shows that it is not second in the North American rankings.

Still racing

The life of Alexandre “Tarogo” Reyes Petrocom continues to go well. Weekly, his group is in discussions. Again, he excelled at Rocket League Summit 2. The team gives good results, but they are still looking for the first win.

A win at next winter’s event will be very useful for their rankings and their reputation. This strengthens their foundations in the front pack. As already established, the stability of the teams is one of the most important criteria for the new design of the Rocket League Series X. This works in favor of the Quebecs, because despite their lack of first place, their positions are consistently above a good level.

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Apparently, the Rocket League Summit 2 match did not affect the RLCS X rankings. This is why, among other things, the three teams that dominate are absent. Despite this, last week’s results should not be overlooked. What’s more, the only team to beat Snape was the big winner. Rock, who was sent to the lower stalk by the latter, won it by knocking out the Alpine Sports, United and Pittsburgh knights. This effectively puts them in the top 6 on the North American teams.

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A wonderful grand finale

Since then, there has been no final match against SSG, but the astronauts have won early. Rogue opened strongly with two straight wins and put them in a comfortable lead. Unfortunately for Quebec and his teammates, SSG won the next three. The lead they had formally earned had evaporated in no time.

Then, at the point of the match, Rogue was able to catch one of the most exciting parts of the whole match. Each tied at one point, the teams finished in overtime of more than a minute. In a pass from the ceiling of Torinturo, Firstkiller was able to push the ball into the back of the net. Although Snape’s speed improved in later games, Snape did not have the patience to bring in a bracket reset. Despite this second level, Quebec has proven that his team can stand out as the best.

The rival Rocket League show takes a break during the holidays. So Rocket League Summit 2 ends the year 2020 for this sport. The third regional winter event will take place at the end of January 2021, followed by the big “split” competition on an as yet unknown date.

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