People around the world threaten Christmas with govt epidemic | Jesus for the vaccination of mankind; When the world welcomes the Christmas dawn of the cowboy era

People around the world threaten Christmas with govt epidemic |  Jesus for the vaccination of mankind;  When the world welcomes the Christmas dawn of the cowboy era

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Kovit 19 has finally become one of the last names added to the list of turning points that have had a decisive impact on world history and the course of human life, and they are leading to new paths. Thousands of people are falling every day in the midst of so many restrictions and restrictions they are never accustomed to – leaving them tense and uncertain. In this situation where many preventive measures are ineffective, the world is waiting and hoping that vaccinations will be launched in the future. We hope that if they work, we can break the chains of control and fear and regain the freedom and self-confidence we left behind.

If the uncertainties and anxieties created in the world by a virus end with the advent of a vaccine, should not the birth of the Son of God, which took place more than a century ago, be a vaccine to prevent the spread of the uncertainties that have plagued mankind for so long? Those who are to walk with God turn away from Him …. Break the chains of brotherhood and spread enmity …. Fill evil instead of good … Can not God Himself be a vaccine when the order of the world in which the Son of God is born is like this?

The patient is a tired but surviving person who believes that the medicine he is taking is enough to cure the disease. All who were chosen to make the birth of the Son of God a reality were those who saw uncertainty, but believed in the power of the One who came. Because, by announcing his birth, they realized that God would be with them. There is no need to try another vaccine beyond this expectation. May Christmas Day be an injection of hope, peace and joy through Jesus Christ into the lives of those who are troubled by worries and anxieties.

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Christmas, full of festive varieties, has a lot of variety in Europe. Italy does not underestimate the power of Christmas, a time when different countries compete to make Christmas better, a time when history and culture come together.

One and a half months before Christmas, the streets, houses and churches are all filled with colorful light …

Christmas trees are arranged in squares regardless of town or village. The shops invite people with new gifts … Indescribably Christmas days have arisen here. More precious than these outdoor celebrations is reuniting on Christmas Day. Everyone will come together no matter how far away. They will never forget Christmas Eve by preparing, enjoying and handing out Christmas gifts. It is this reunion of family members that makes Christmas celebrations so heartwarming in this country. Although the Govt epidemic has banned celebrations and gatherings at this time, the country and the city welcome Christmas out of these limits. The world welcomes the Christmas of the Kovit period with memories of the past, hoping that next year’s Christmas will be even more colorful.

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