Boca joins the last square

Boca joins the last square

There is no competition in Pamponora. With the need to score two more goals than racing, the Boca Juniors joined Santos in the semifinals without elaborating.


Is it true to find an ex-boyfriend who has refused for more than a decade? The last ten Did you decide to catch it? No one knows, but after a brief defeat in the first leg at Cylindro, due to the current dynamics and lack of stability provided by his game, it is only right that we should be concerned about Boga ahead of the second leg. The answer was clear: The போகா De la Libertadores is not one போகா Like the others. From the beginning, we understood that Education One face is going to suffer போகா End, attack and offerings above all else. From the first ten minutes, Boca has already made Gabriel Arias the man of the match on behalf of the spectators. Villa, Salvio and Davis opened up several places in the reorganization of the mob at the PKCC, the geniuses put pressure, put the ball into one word: dominated. That dominance has been translated into a target, a powerful and angry headline from Salvio, Russo’s men have come halfway through the break, already wondering how one could not kill the game.

Peccas மாற்றs changed strategy: Civitanic and Solari replaced Rojas and Fabrizio Tomanju. But nothing helped. போகா Higher than an opponent without juice and without the idea, Arias can continue to maintain confidence, we suspected that 2-0 would inevitably happen. He arrived on a fine, obtained by Salvio and replaced by Villa. Since then, the competition has waned, with Boca slowing down and waiting only for blocks, racing has finally taken a little initiative, but could not be really dangerous. Thus, La Academia showered the faith of its people and became a tragedy போகா Coba’s discovery. A போகா Who needs to cross the barrier now Santos I hope he finds his best opponent in the final.


Nicola Cougott

Creator and Editor-in-Chief of Lucorn Opposite

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