15 days in a hotel room: A foreigner in Australia, the family celebrates Christmas in isolation

15 days in a hotel room: A foreigner in Australia, the family celebrates Christmas in isolation

Although 2020 is full of surprises for the Manori family, the couple never thought they would spend their New Year’s Eve celebration on December 24th and 31st, just a few weeks ago. Hotel room, no chance to leave. “It’s been 10 months since we wanted to move to Australia, because my company tells me Bordeaux’s father, Clement, father, Clement, from his forced isolation in Perth, but it’s been an emotional roller coaster for 10 months. Said: You leave in a month Then, But in one and a half years … »

Finally, with his wife Camille and three children, Quentin, Paola and Joe, aged 5, 8 and 10, their “life plan” was completed on November 15. His company, which specializes in aeronautics, was able to find visas for them in order to reach the These-Continent, so access is very limited due to the corona virus infection. “Then everything was expedited. We had to take immediate action, finding tenants for our house, enrolling the children in school, and then finding a plane ticket, not even every day.”

“For 14 days, none of you went”

The family left Paris on December 21 for Perth, in southwestern Australia. “We didn’t really have a choice of city, we did it according to the flights provided,” Clement Manori laughs. So it was in this coastal city of 38 degrees that the French family landed after a trip on Tuesday afternoon, to spend 14 days in forced isolation, before joining their new life, 3,500 km from nearby Melbourne. After giving a negative PCR test, they can only be released on January 6th.

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Manori Family Bedroom, Perth / DR

“We did not choose a hotel that was converted to a public bus, everyone had their status, it was very well established,” explains the father, who “respects passenger instructions very much.” . “At the airport, they explained to us: For 14 days, you will not see anyone. Australia is very strict in this regard: “We have been warned that if we go out we will face a huge fine, imprisonment and deportation.” Each hall of the hotel is guarded by a guard.

The Manori family found their secluded space, two communication rooms, about fifty m2, whose window allows them to see a small ocean.They conducted a first nurse examination on Tuesday. Their “last contact in ten days”.

The only place to celebrate the New Year is champagne

The days, weighed down by jet lag, are already the same. “The staff is knocking on the door and we have to wait 30 seconds to retrieve our pre-selected meal. This evening it was pasta with bolognese and corn salad.” And no doubt counting the foie gras for Christmas Eve: The hot food is good, but it’s coming at 5pm, so you should get used to eating early… ”However, the parents thought about buying two bottles of champagne at the airport, which was not on duty,“ one on the 24th and one on the 31st ”, to mark the occasion. It’s about everything that sounds like Christmas Eve.

Some puzzles for the hotel family and a homemade Christmas tree / DR
Some puzzles for the hotel family and a homemade Christmas tree / DR

While waiting for the January 6 deadline, it is therefore necessary to “occupy the mind”. The family was getting ready to do a little play class in the bedroom so they could edit their English before going to school for a month and a half after the summer holidays in Australia. “We’re not in good spirits yet, but I won’t hide from you that it’s a bit tense,” Clement Manori says. We are still very tired, so we sleep a lot. Fortunately we have the internet to communicate with families. Then, when our two-year-olds understand, they ask when our boy can go to the beach. It’s a little difficult… ”If they look for a long time, they can always look out the window. Other families in their situation recorded the number of days remaining before they could find themselves in the open in their hotel room windows. Manoris plans to do the same.

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Other families in solitude count the days.  / D.R.
Other families in solitude count the days. / D.R.

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