This year’s scandal: Navalny talks to his killers (video) – உலகа World News • • Current Information, Topics and News

This year's scandal: Navalny talks to his killers (video) - உலகа World News • • Current Information, Topics and News

Alexei Navalny released a video of his conversation with Konstantin Kudryavchev, who, according to a joint investigation by The Insider, Belling Gate, CNN and Der Spiegel, was involved in the act of poisoning him. Navalny introduced himself as Nikolai Badrushev, assistant secretary of the Security Council, and asked Kudryavsev to answer a number of questions. Kudryavchev responded, confirming the information released during the investigation.

When asked by Navalny about the absence of traces of poison in his body, Kudryavtsev replied that “it is simply absorbed quickly” and “no residue”.

With 17 million views on my YouTube, this trial has become a global sensation. This is what the Russian opponent said on his YouTube channel, which tells how he talked to his killers.

“The evidence we put forward confirms that the perpetrator of the crime – even President Putin – cannot deny it and that there are eight wonderful FSP officers who have been following me for almost four years.

But it is clear that Putin can not say the whole country: yes, I ordered the FSB to kill my political opponent. So he started talking nonsense that there was no investigation and that all this was “legitimate information from the CIA” and that the FSP officers were looking at me, the most important proof that there was no poison was that I was alive. Because, of course, they poisoned me if they wanted to.

After Putin, his words were confirmed by Presidential Secretary Dmitry Peskov.

Peskov later clarified it further, saying that the FSP was “watching” me from the press because it was “issuing statements to those who have links with the intelligence of other countries” and to “forcibly change the government”.

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“It’s amazing. I called one of my killers and talked to him. One of the most exciting conversations of my life.

Discussing your own murder is very different, it’s a job.

“My mediator – a military chemist from the FSB’s group of poisons – was responsible for clearing traces of chemical weapons after the crime,” Navalny said.

Excerpt from Navalny’s Conversation:

Overall: OK. I still have questions. First, where are the things? What is the matter?

Kudryavtsev: What happens with things?

Navalny: So where are Navalny’s things?

Kudryavtsev: The last time I saw them was in Omsky.

Navalny: So what procedure did you implement? What did you do about it? Report it to me.

Kudryavtsev: Processed.

Navalny: Which costume was the main focus of the costume? In theory, we have the most dangerous clothing, who?

Overall: Where can the maximum concentration be?

Kudryavtsev: In underwear.

Navalny: Where is the underwear? I will discuss this with McCaw, but I also need your information.

Kudryavtsev: Well, we worked locally. Well, at least it worked.

TOTAL: Yes? And where more …

Kudryavtsev: (incomprehensible)

Navalny: In your underwear?

Kudryavtsev: Well, there is a little connection with the band, maybe there was something. The pants were also processed. They are clean too and everything is fine with them.

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