These Christmas enthusiasts lighting up the muse

These Christmas enthusiasts lighting up the muse

A new element of the installation: Christmas decorations in his garden. An interest born in 1945, associated with his gift to DIY. He makes a bunch of these lights throughout the year.

It takes at least two months of work to decorate the whole house.

An organization famous for his family, but neighbors and passers-by. Every year he adds new elements. His entourage often teaches him lessons. This year 2015, the real novelty was the electric train that his daughter gave him.

Alain Levignerant then adds a Christmas decoration that is made up of glowing houses, fir trees, wooden bridges and characters. He protected the whole thing with plywood and a Plexiglas plate in order to allow passers-by to appreciate it.

The cars were a success because “there are plenty of slow-moving cars in front of the house of Alan and Josiane Levignora, who are well known in the district.” In 2016, the couple also organized A “Opening Ceremony” with Mullet Wine and Homemade Cakes.

Wellness Christmas House

In 2016, we invite you to find Chandel & Gerard Quilm’s home in Wales. For over 20 years, the couple has had a genuine interest in Christmas decorations.

Neighbors and passers-by can easily attest to this by discovering the new decor that takes place in December each year. “Fairy Lights, Automata, Menequins, Latest Generation Lights” thus provide a light show every evening as night falls.

Click? Watched an American movie in 1997. Over the years, the set has grown, New characters have landed … it takes almost a year to produce … especially consuming thousands of watts per hour!

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Champigny Christmas Village

At Champigny, Eric Dubui-Arazol was one of the Christmas decorators. On the side of his house, the magic runs inside. In 2017, he opened the doors of his home to us. He allocates several places to radiate the magic that operates at this time of year.

Upon entering, the reception team is greeted by Santa Claus and other characters. But the highlight of the show is in another room: a vibrant miniature village several meters long. “Misenets, Mill, Carousel, Church Occupy numerous snow-covered space, illustrated with numerous figures and miniature collector cars.” Architect D. Noel points out that installation requires 400m of garlands and power cables to illuminate the decor and monopolizes most sockets.

“A long work for the pleasure of the eyes of his family members, but also for the many little champignons who want to walk through his door in December every year.”

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