The American Football Federation allows it to be below the knee

The American Football Federation allows it to be below the knee
American footballer Megan Robino at an international tournament in 2016

The symbolic gesture of a demonstration against racial injustice knelt on the ground after George Floyd was arrested by a police officer on May 25 during several demonstrations in and around the United States. The world. It will now be allowed on football (soccer) fields for American national teams during the national anthem.

“The board of directors voted (Marty) In the afternoon to repeal Rule 604-1, our soldiers must stand during the national anthem ”The American Football Federation (USSF) said on Wednesday (June 10). “It became clear that our policy was wrong and undermined the important message of the Black Lives movement.” (Black life matter), the USSF agreed.

The move was unveiled in 2017 after national women’s team star Megan Robino knelt on her knees. Star-wide banner, During an international tournament in 2016.

He joined the movement against police violence against blacks started by former American football star Colin Kabernick. For this gesture, the latter was called “the son of a bitch” by Donald Trump and has not been restarted for three years, the American Football Managing League NFL.

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“We apologize for not understanding and recognizing the real and meaningful experiences of blacks and other minority communities in our country – especially our soldiers. We apologize to our soldiers – especially our black soldiers – staff, fans and all those who support the eradication of racism.”, Football Federation added.

According to the NFL, the status of the IOC

Friday, June 5, NFL. Said Roger Goodell, commissioner of the American Football League “To condemn racism and the systematic oppression of blacks” And admitted that the league existed “It’s a mistake not to listen to league players before”. “We, the NFL, encourage everyone to talk and fight peacefully.”, Added the leader in a message posted on social networks.

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If he calls on Wednesday, June 10, the athletes a “Worthy” Their support for the fight against racism after the death of George Floyd was expressed in the Olympic Charter (Article 50) by Thomas Bach, President of the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

“We fully support the initiative of the Athletics Authority (From CIO) To engage with his colleagues around the world to explore different ways in which Olympic athletes can express their support for the principles contained in the Olympic Charter in a dignified manner. ”Mr Bach said.

He also pointed out that he had refused to interfere and give in to the work of this Athletic Commission “Directions or Instructions”, Recalling the Olympics a “Demonstration of support for non-discriminatory Olympic policies. This is our DNA, a reason for the Olympics.”.

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