Christmas sweater made by an American company to guarantee body distance

Christmas sweater made by an American company to guarantee body distance

Christmas interpretation during the Covid 19 period. – Pixabay

An American security company has developed a Christmas sweater designed to combat the spread of Covid 19. The high-tech clothing imagined by Simplisoff is fitted with a warning device that triggers when a person is less than 1.80 meters from the wearer. The system relies on sensors that detect motion and interpret The Independent.

“What if Simplisoff could protect your vacation as much as you protect your home? “In a video released on YouTube on Monday, the company asks for the product. This is currently only a prototype, so not yet marketed. Some copies of the round-neck sweater were distributed without a motion detection device.

A small sound signal during reconciliation

SimplicSafe wants to encourage its customers to order detection system sensors and diodes on its site. The announcement explaining how to install it on clothing is available to most DIY volunteers. Images from the ad clip show a blue and white sweater with small locks and the name of the company that operates it.

The ten diodes attached to the wool sweater glow when a person approaches the user and tries to hug him. A shrill sound signal sounds simultaneously. “Holidays are here … but unfortunately, contagious too”, commented the voice over.

“As security professionals, we wanted to provide people with a fun way to protect themselves during the holidays, even when it comes to home security,” says Wade Divers, SimplicaSafe Creative Director. This is really done to bring a little lightness in these times, otherwise it is stressful ”.

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