Backwards 2020 | Highlights of 2020

Backwards 2020 |  Highlights of 2020

Despite the epidemic that paralyzed the cultural community, 2020 was full of news and reversals. Here are some notable highlights.

Jose LapointJose Lapoint

Jean SiakJean Siak

Stephanie MorinStephanie Morin

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Mark KasiviMark Kasivi

Andre DuchesneAndre Duchesne

This playlist will destroy itself in 3, 2, 1

The Association of Librarians du Quebec (ALQ) found itself on the carpet by asking Franசois Legalt to present his reading list as part of Lyre My Singer, an initiative he founded at the beginning of the epidemic to support Quebec literature. In the face of criticism, among other things, the list was originally withdrawn – but not the 30-minute video that came with it – as the Prime Minister included in his selection a work written by Matthew Bog-Cote – and then two days later, facing criticism again, the list was put online again. ALQ admits its mistake and apologizes, Fran பிரான்ois Legalt said he was relieved, and we can always consult his list and everything else that has been done for nine months on ALQ’s Facebook page.

> Look at the list of Franois Legalt

> Check out the ALQ Facebook page

Summer Soap Opera: Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

Photo by Hugo-Sebastian Abert, Press Archives

Natalie Bond

In mid-July – the dismissal of the Director General and Chief Superintendent of the Montreal Fine Arts Museum – the bombing of the museum world. However, many employees have been complaining about unhealthy working conditions for some time; Their complaints were compiled in the first report prepared by an independent human resources organization. Michael de la Senelier, chairman of the board of directors, opposed Mr-in’s suggestion and appointed Mary-Daily Desmeres as chief supervisor.Me In a pan, set fire to the powder. Tension is growing. The board of directors shows the door to the director of the museum since 2007. The government orders an analysis of the museum’s governance and then, after reading the report, demands the museum’s accountability, which is funded with $ 16 million annually. Natalie Bondil has sued the 21 board members who fired her, sponsor and entrepreneur Pierre Burke has been appointed chairman of the committee, Michael de la Senelier failed to re-elect as director, and three women entered the club: Valentine Goddard, Caroline Cotsey and Gladd Howl. Stephen Aquin, who served as curator of contemporary art from 1998 to 2015;Me In the bond. Plans to build a unit to build a private collection of Riobel’s works were abandoned.

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Very short visit to school in history!

Photo by Franாங்கois Roy, Press Archives

La Lycorn Theater in the context of COVID-19 last September. Presentation of the play I have attended, Matthew Guesnell staged, interrupted when theaters closed at 1 p.m.There is October

Twenty-three. These are the perfect days for autumn cultural returns to last this year. On September 8, La Licorn opened the ball in Montreal with the first scene of the play I have attended, Presented by Matthew Casnell. DNM followed, even Doosep ப்பும் So, we began to believe it: the performing arts were quietly reclaiming their rights. The hearts of the theaters were beating again, the audience was there, masked and in small numbers, but whatever. Unfortunately, what many feared happened: 1There is October,The rooms were plunged back into darkness. When? No one dares to come forward anymore …

Giant with clay feet: Circuit to Soil

Photo by Bernard Brolt, Press Archives

The second edition of the show Happiness The last marquee show presented in Montreal in the summer of 2019.

Who could have predicted the collapse of its bankrupt Circuit du Soleil in three months? By the end of March, the entertainment multinational had been forced to cancel 44 of its programs and lay off 5,000 or more of its employees. We are talking about exactly 4,679 people, including more than 1,500 performers who left the Quebec Circus’ main venue and found themselves in the water. Of those, nearly a hundred contractors are (yet) demanding nearly $ 1.5 million for contracts made before the epidemic. This is without counting the many suppliers that the circuit has to pay tens of millions of dollars for. At the end of June, facing an unexpected crisis, the circus sought refuge from its creditors. Its key shareholders, led by US finance TPG, are coming forward to buy it, but other players are interested, including Quebec CEO Pierre Carl Belladio and Cirque founder Gai Lollipop. It was ultimately Circuit Lenders, which headed the Catalyst Capital Group that bought the company. CEO Daniel Lamar has been retained, but the circuit is still paralyzed. Paradoxically, his permanent show in Hangzhou, China gradually resumed service over the summer. The shows in Mexico (Zoya) and Florida (Circuit Dreams) were also gradually re-launched in the fall. For the rest, the entire history of the circus has to be rewritten.

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One of the resurrected: the driver

Photo by David Boyle, Press Archives

On June 18, Drocher College in Saint-Lambert hosted an evening at Saint-Eustace Cinema Park to mark the departure of its graduates. Charles-Antoine Porto and his sister Anne-Sophie Porto waited here for the opening of the festivities.

We are not going to drive-in anymore. Go even to see a movie. So, in the beautiful season, the only way to attend a big entertainment event is to go by car … who could have predicted staying in it? He started the 2 Fries ball in April by announcing a tour of the drive-ins. At the beginning of the summer, about a hundred concerts and comedy shows were planned in the province according to this model, not to mention the broadcasts and events of sports competitions such as the Diploma. The lack of new releases has slowed the flow for films this year, but can short-term benefits be gained from renewed interest in family trips by car? See you next summer.

Critics’ Target: Natalie Roy


Press Release by Culture and Communications Minister Natalie Roy on Typing the Amendment Bill Cultural Heritage Law And other legislative provisions, last October 29

This imprisonment has hurt the cultural world. Prolonged ban on meetings. Although the government quickly said it understood the importance of the sector, its Minister of Culture and Communications, Natalie Roy, was pushed to an extra role throughout the year. No firm support or recovery plan was released before June. Then? Except for the crisis that rocked the senior management of the Montreal Fine Arts Museum, the minister intervened publicly.

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Handful of Expert of the Year: J du Temple

Photo Martin Tremble, Press Archives

J to Temple

Talked about Jai Du Temple magazine Elle Quebec Dedicated the cover page of its December issue to it. Nails painted by colored varnish, turquoise hair, famous host and comedian posed for the most glamorous photo statement in which his costume style married the masculine woman. As we stand in 2020, this glamorous conspiracy to celebrate the fluidity of genres … has become controversial. A few LGBTQ activists did not appreciate the fact that a gay man had acquired specific codes for their community. Did not redefine desired masculinity… Good Prince, Jai du Koil replied that he was the friendly country of this community, but “he did not say that he was a perfect friendly country”.

Tour de Force: Symphonic Harmonium

Photo courtesy of Simon Koulat, GSI Music

Sixty-eight musicians have recorded the Orchestra Symphony de Montreal Stories without words Mason Symphony in the middle of an epidemic.

The Maison Symphony has been transformed into a recording studio, on an expanded stage, recognized by 68 musicians from the Orchester Symphony de Montreal during public health, choristers, soloists and epidemics. Under the guidance of conductor and composer Simon Leklerk, the full capacity of the famous group Harmonium was reconsidered symphonically. The result is amazing. Leclerc’s rich bands, while true to the original parts, emphasize all its nuances. These are nostalgic dopamine heart-stimulating levels. The music of a film we know by heart, but we discover it from a new angle.

Quebec hit movie: Until the fall

Photo from IMDB site

A scene from the movie Until the fall

Some were outraged when Netflix announced its participation in the film’s funding (approximately 5 million), while others expressed some displeasure. Until the fall Presented by Patrice Lollipop. However, this thriller set in the world of survivors has been a critical and general success. Released March 27 on Netflix, Decline (English title) had 21 million views in mid-May, 95% outside Canada. Spanish-speaking, Anglo-Saxon, Portuguese and German audiences abound. The film also had a short theatrical career in Quebec. Released in late February, it left screens at the beginning of the epidemic.

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