After Star Trek, the American company copies Marvel

Image 1 : Space Force : après Star Trek, l’agence américaine copie Marvel

The Space Force, a branch of the U.S. Army dedicated to space, has chosen a new title for its personnel. Marvel did not fail to react to the apparent link web with the universe, which makes the name ridiculous.

Figure 1: Space Force: American company copies Marvel after Star Trek
How to make the connection between the defenders of the galaxy and the new end of the space force?
Credit: Marvel / Space Force x Toms Guide

Donald Trump wanted, Space Force What the U.S. Air Force does for aviation is the equivalent of space, that is, a branch of the U.S. military dedicated to defending the International for national interests. However, its Naked inspiration derived from science fiction, Some see the agency itself as a parody.

Star Lord as Commander of the Space Force?

Space Force Born a year ago, December 20, 2019 Led by Donald Trump and directed by Mike Pence. On the eve of his first birthday, the latter returned to the teams working there. Company Uses less than 2,000 people And 3,600 applications are under consideration. According to the U.S. vice president, the goal is to grow the agency’s staff 6000 members can be reached “soon”.

He also took advantage of this opportunity Announce the new title that Space Force agents will now wear. We need to call them now. ” Guardians “The apparent resemblance with the defenders of the Star Lord-led Galaxy team cannot be ignored. There have been numerous reactions on social networks, with many mocking the decision. Have Easter Bunny.Children’s Guardians.

I have to say it This is not the first time space force has been attracted to pop cultureEspecially science fiction for inspiration. Already with regard to its logo, many have pointed to the very strong resemblance of Star Force’s rival Starfleet in the universeStar Trek. It is a safe bet that Steve Carroll will make fun of this new title in the upcoming episode of the Space Force series airing on Netflix.

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Source: CNET

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