[Draft] If I were a believer: Justin Fields | Touchdown Act (NFL Act)

[Draft] If I were a believer: Justin Fields |  Touchdown Act (NFL Act)

The university season runs parallel to the NFL and while waiting for the post-season draft papers, DTA’s editorial staff gives you a glimpse into the future nails that will join the NFL in 2021.

Justin Skyler Fields

Born March 5, 1999 in Atlanta, Georgia
1 m 91 per 103 kg
Quarterback, Ohio State, Jr.

Since high school, Justin Fields is expected to be a key player. After moving from Georgia to Ohio, he has confirmed expectations: productivity and energy make him a better player.

If I have a quality: Excellent pitcher

Everything seems easy when you see Justin Fields throwing the ball: it comes out of his hand quickly, with high speed and the ball travels with beautiful spin. He can throw deep, and again it seems easy to him.

If I had a limit: Suffering

With the state of Ohio, Justin Fields has benefited the recipients of both seasons, often taking advantage more than their defenders, and he has been a regular in the NFL. Elected superior, he will find himself on a weaker team than most opponents, will Justin Fields fix it? His fierce opponent Clemson and Justin Fields threw two interceptions that night in the 2019 semifinals.

If I were a statistic: let’s finish

78% pass rate by 2020! Even with an actor on his side rather than enemies, this accuracy is impressive. In 2019, he throws 40 DDs to an IND in 13 regular season games. In 2020, he threw 3 interceptions in 5 games, but all three games were in the same game. An accident. Justin Fields is a reliable quarterback.

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If I were an NFL player: Deshan Watson (Texans)

Like Texan, Justin Fields can throw, but can run when the game calls for it. Mobile in the pocket to prolong the process or get the yards needed for the first try.

If I have a draft choice: first 2

Without Trevor Lawrence, Justin Fields would be at the top of the draft. His technical background and energy seem to be superior to many quarterbacks selected with the first choice in recent years.

If I were an NFL team: Jaguars in Jacksonville

Floridians appear to be in the top 3 in the 2021 draft. Gardner Minsui II has shown a lot of quality and some limitations. In restructuring mode, Jaguar will not lose such ability for the future.

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