Chris Bryant doesn’t want the cubs to leave


As I mentioned earlier today, Chicago Cups manager David Rose could put Chris Bryant out this season. Although rumors send Bryant to other heavens, Bryant, he wants to stay in Chicago.

We had a long meeting and conversation with Chris. He works hard, he’s handsome and is actually getting ready to stay in the Cubs uniform. This is what he knows, what he has done. He had a lot of success there, and we expect him to do it again in 2021.

Scott Boras, Agent de Chris Bryant

Despite his words, you can hear the trade deals for the Chicago star player well. After such a disastrous season, his value has diminished considerably, but still, he is a senior who brings everything a bit.

According to Scott Boras, Bryant’s 2020 season is a bad time, and his client will return in 2021.

He had 550 batting appearances in any Chris Bryant season and you can see what kind of player he is. I think the kids know KP well and Jet (Hoyer) knows him well, they have big plans for him. We told him about it – about his role, the most important role since 2020. He’s a big key feature of his team, as you’d expect from a player with his talent.

Scott Boras

In 2020, Bryant had a devastating season. His .206 average in 34 games is the worst of his career. His OPS The average of .644 and .293 goals should not be denied either. But Bryant is an elite player, he’s going to jump again, I have no doubt in my mind.

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If Chris Bryant is the first player to be targeted in Chicago when the team goes bad, we should not forget Javier Base and Anthony Risso. Both players had bad seasons and their setbacks carried them to the playoffs. With Kyle Swarfer at risk of leaving the team, the Chicago attack will have to pay more in 2021.
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