Chadwick continues to delight Boseman even after his death

Chadwick continues to delight Boseman even after his death

December 18, 2020

Chadwick Bosman, who died in the summer of 2020, will soon be seen in a new theatrical film. This is a testament to this first African-American superhero.

Chadwick Bosman at the center of a new movie

Online December 18, 2020, with “Le Blues de Ma Rainey” Chadwick Boseman Is an adaptation of the play by American playwright August Wilson. George c. In this film written by Wolf, the actor himself is a Artist Refuses to resign himself to racism.

An Oscar-winning performance for an actor

Special American media impressed with Chadwick Boseman’s performance ” Ma Rainey’s Blues », Believe that this character could win him an Oscar. This award is given posthumously because the actor dies Shooting Colon cancer.

George c. Courtesy of Chadwick Bosman © Netflix on Wolf play

The Star Levy, a young black and idealistic trumpet. The latter wanted to enter Chicago in the 1920s, where music production was generally controlled by whites. Although the character wants to establish himself as an artist, he finds himself earning his living in the United States with one of the greatest singers of the Middle Ages.

The plot of this cinematic achievement

By “Le Blues de Ma Rainey” George c. Wolf A play set against the backdrop of racial tension in the United States in the early days of the Blues. TheManeuver Located in a music studio in Chicago. The play was directed by Chadwick Bosman Actor This contributed to the change in the representation of blacks in cinema.

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