The Warriors are battling to support Steph Curry in a 114-113 loss to the Kings on Tuesday

The Warriors are battling to support Steph Curry in a 114-113 loss to the Kings on Tuesday

Sacramento – The Warriors will need more help from Stephen Curry to reach their goals this season than the Golden State 114-113 loss to the Sacramento Kings on Tuesday night.

Although the Warriors narrowed the gap when both teams emptied their respective benches in the fourth quarter, they trailed 88-81 by the time both teams’ opening players were pulled after three quarters. Kings guard Kyle Guy gave Sacramento the win in a 3-pointer buzzer.

Charlie finished with 29 points in 11 of 29 shots (5 out of 13 from 3-point range), four restarts and four assists in 28 minutes, but key spinners Tremond Green, James Wiseman and Eric Bassall were sidelined – none of the injured sat out for conditional reasons – Struggling to find a consistent second offense. This is something they need to find to get back to the playoffs.

But even in the Green game, it would be the job of forward Andrew Wiggins and Kelly O’Brien Jr. to deliver scores while Curry is on the bench. They shot 7-for-21 (33.3%) for 24 points, and the Warriors were eight ahead in the curry minutes.

In the second quarter Golden State dug itself into a hole that broke 37-20 due to poor shooting and a poor defense. Sacramento’s D’Aron Fox (17 points, five assists) and Barry Healt (18 points) had efficient shooting nights, and were allowed into the center Hassan Whiteside (11 points, nine recycling) feast.

Check back to the tours from the second game before the season ends on Thursday in Sacramento.

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