Play On, Beethoven: Audiobook Series Celebrates 250th Anniversary of German Composer

Play On, Beethoven: Audiobook Series Celebrates 250th Anniversary of German Composer

Two hundred and fifty years ago, the great German composer and pianist Ludwig von Beethoven (1770-1827) was born in Bonn, Germany.

On the eve of Beethoven’s 250th birthday, as part of the Discover Beethoven campaign, the German National Tourism Board (GNDP) will release an audio book on December 17 containing a series of six podcasts about Beethoven, his work and his legacy.

Beethoven begins the first 22 years of his life in the city with Gold, and the first podcast takes you on a tour of the house where he was born and introduces you to his regular hunts in the city.

In another chapter, you will discover what Beethoven’s music is like in instruments from his era.

The stories here are audio clips of local people and guide listeners through different places in Germany, visited by Beethoven, or have a special connection to the composer.

The annual festivals are scheduled to run until September 2021, and will include concerts and events. Many are expected to be offered in a fully digital or hybrid version.

“In the current context, we are taking full advantage of the opportunities provided by digital communication in Germany to maintain or increase interest in the Corona virus outbreak, forcing the cancellation or postponement of several popular tourism – related events for Beethoven’s anniversary,” said GNTB CEO Petra Hedorfer.

For example, a special banquet for international audiences for GNDP events comes in the form of a virtual reality app where you will be given the opportunity to “join” Beethoven on the piano to read a portion of the Ninth Symphony he composed. 1822 and 1824.

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